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JJ Podetti

JJ Podetti

I have always painted and been fascinated by painting, so after a long and exciting career in a great American company, I decided about ten years ago to become a professional painter.

Reactions of visitors during my first exhibitions encouraged me and confirmed my choice. Today I take part to many artistic events in France, and every year I have a specific exhibition in Barbizon, a famous village of painters.

If I sometimes paint on canvas, especially for portraits, my favorite medium is the wood and more specifically the paneling.

This technique allows me to create the support at the perfect size, in line with the idea of the painting that I have in mind, but whatever the support is, my favorite subjects are the urban landscapes, moments of life in the city, which I seek to grasp with a camera during my many and long urban walks. I also like to do portraits in which I always try to capture the inside personality of the model.

I could describe my style of painting as “Modern figurative”. I like to play with colors and brushes, to creates harmonies.

I have many opportunities today and there is always at least one painting in process in my workshop. I am now a rated artist, and I can say I am thrilled to be part of artistic community.

Sample Artwork

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