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About PaintzStories


Welcome to PaintzStories !

Established in 2023, PaintzStories ( was founded with the principal aim of curating a comprehensive online marketplace, offering a diverse selection of global artwork characterized by variety, quality, authenticity, and uniqueness, all at accessible prices. Our overarching mission is to democratize access to art from around the world, fostering both happiness and cultural enlightenment among our clientele through the sharing of stories about the artist/artwork and the exploration of diverse traditions.

Our business ethos revolves around establishing a reputable global network of verified artists who showcase their artwork on our e-commerce platform, enriching the art-buying experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Our mission is to foster a vibrant community of talented artists and painters globally, dedicated to promoting their diverse works through our platform. Additionally, we are committed to supporting underprivileged and differently-abled artists by integrating them into our core network and spotlighting their exceptional artwork through our "PaintzCare" initiative, championing inclusivity and empowerment.

Our passion for artwork stems from our hometown, Madhubani, renowned for its Madhubani or Mithila paintings. These small villages in Madhubani are livelihoods for many artisans, whose authentic works have inspired us to globally spotlight and integrate similar cultural and artistic hubs into our network as 'PaintzStories Centres'. As we extend our global presence, we aim to collaborate with artists from these centers, offering you distinctive collections of artwork accompanied by their compelling stories. Our tagline, 'Putting smiles on faces,' encapsulates our dual mission: bringing joy to customers through their purchases and supporting artists, thus bringing smiles to their faces through our patronage.

We are also passionately dedicated to crafting vibrant artwork that stirs nostalgic memories of our childhood, transporting us back to days filled with enchanting tales of jungles and animals. Moreover, in response to the growing popularity of vector art, we actively champion and showcase digital artists on our platform.

At PaintzStories, we hold a core belief in fostering an appreciation for art among all individuals. Our platform serves as an accessible and engaging space for both art enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering a diverse range of pieces to suit various tastes, including Original Art, Art Prints such as Canvas Prints, Decorative Plates, Artistic Mugs, and Artistic T-Shirts, Clay Sculpture, Sketch Drawings, Custom Prints, Custom Digital Art, Corporate gifts and PaintzCare products. With intuitive search functionalities and convenient shipping options, discovering your next masterpiece is effortless, tailored to your preferences and budget. Our dedicated team members are on hand to assist you in navigating our art collections with enthusiasm. Whether you're an artist seeking to join our community or an art lover eager to explore global artwork, PaintzStories invites you to join us in 'Painting Stories' together!"

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