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Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional customer service team is always happy to help you. Kindly check the our FAQs for more information about us

  • Will I get proof of authenticity for all original artwork?
    Yes, we do provide proof of authenticity for all our original artwork, and it comes along with the product as a certificate signed by our company, PaintzStories. Also, we try to incorporate artist signature on some of our artwork wherever possible
  • Can I return or exchange my purchased artwork if I don’t like it?
    While we do encourage you to reach out to our customer care team in case of any query before making the payment, we do return or exchange the product for certain categories and under certain conditions. For personalized artwork, since it is created based on your inputs and can’t be reused, we don’t have any such return policies. Please navigate through 'Return and Exchange' policy specific to a product, which you can find while navigating through each of the products for any specific details.
  • Can I use our bought original paintings to reproduce artwork?
    All our artwork is intellectual property of our artists and/or of our company, PaintzStories and we do encourage you to buy such copy rights before reusing them for other purposes such as reproduction and selling.
  • Do you consider international orders?
    Yes, definitely. As we have a desire to make artistic product from across the globe available to everyone, we have very much inbuilt our system to deliver internationally with ease. Please reach out to us in case you are facing issues while ordering from any international location and we would be happy to facilitate the same.
  • I would like to buy an artistic t-shirt which has a print of a nice painting from one of the global artists. Do you have such products?
    We have a product category called Reproduced art, wherein we do produce multiple types of products such as T-Shirts, Mugs etc. with these artistic images. Please navigate the site to get more details on the same.
  • I have limited understanding about the art in general. How do I get more knowledge on this subject so that I can decide easily while purchasing?
    One of our key value propositions is to make sure to share brief story/details of artwork and the artist wherever possible so that you can get some background while purchasing. Additionally, we share the story in written form wherever applicable for your future reference and knowledge along with your purchased artwork. Please follow our blogs to know about different art topics and share your experiences as well.
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